Celorian VS Chaolaena: Book Discussion

I felt like trying something a little different today… a book discussion! Rather than formally reviewing Crown of Midnight (which I just finished a couple days ago and it was way beyond amazing), I want to talk about my feels with all of you over the book and also discuss ships! Let me tell you… I HIGHLY recommend this series. I have only read the first two books so far, but I am already completely invested in the story and characters, and quite frankly, I am blown away! Be sure to leave if you have not read Crown of Midnight because there will be spoilers, and also please do not spoil me for Heir of Fire, because I haven’t read it yet!

After finishing Crown of Midnight, I feel particularly compelled to answer the question: Celorian or Chaolena? We’ve gotten the opportunity to see Celaena interact in a romantic relationship with both Dorian and Chaol, and I think it’s interesting that the fandom seems to be split down the middle with these ships. Who should Celaena be with? Personally, I find myself a bit conflicted.


I LOVE Celaena and Chaol together, and I would probably consider myself to be Team Chaolaena. If I were Celaena (which I totally wish I was, that girl is amazing!) I would lean more toward Chaol. Chaol is so selfless and honrable, and also loving and kind. I love the fact that he makes Celaena feel safe and protected, and that she feels comfortable with him knowing the personal aspects of her life. However, I feel like a lot of the best aspects of their relationship were damaged with the Nehemia incident, even if Celaena knows the truth now. The trust between them has been lost, and I feel like it’s going to take awhile to build that trust again, especially with Celaena’s personality. I really, really want Celaena and Chaol to work out their stuff and get back together. Chaolaena is what my heart wants.


But Celorian is what my head wants. Dorian and Celaena is the couple that makes the most sense. For starters, Dorian and Celaena both have magic, which is extremely rare and dangerous in the society they live in. They are both also heirs to their thrones (well, Celaena is a Queen, but not yet on her throne). Not only that, But Dorian and Celaena work well together, like when they closed the library catacombs. Dorian and Celaena are able to keep each other mentally in balance, but I feel like Dorian is the more difficult choice for Celaena, and that’s why she called it off at the end of Throne of Glass. They couldn’t fit into each other’s worlds easily. I KNOW that Celaena and Dorian would be an unstoppable power couple if they got together, but there are so many obstacles in the way. And Chaol is so sweet and wonderful. Ugh. Do you understand why I’m so conflicted?

In the end, I feel like I see Celaena with Dorian, as much as I love her with Chaol. I am curious to see both relationships grow and develop in the rest of the series, although Heir of Fire should be interesting since it takes place in Wendlyn. There may even be a new love interest, from what I’ve heard…

Magic & Erilea:

Also, side note, I was a bit confused when we found out that Celaena was the lost Queen of Terrasen. Did she know the whole time and not tell anyone? It certainly seemed like it. She also knew that she was Fae. I was under the impression that her identity was dangerous, and I wasn’t sure if that was because Adarlan had subjugated Terrasen and she was serving the King of Adarlan? I guess I am a bit confused as to how Adarlan and Terrasen relate to each other. I didn’t pay much attention to anything Terrasen related and then that bomb was dropped at the end and I found myself wishing I would have been paying more attention. I am hoping more gets explained in the prequel novellas and also in Heir of Fire.

Was anyone else not surprised to find out Celaena was Fae? I found it so obvious that Celaena had magic the entire time and I always had an inkling that it was Fae magic. I am also wondering how Celaena’s Fae heritage will play into the next book.

I feel like Throne of Glass laid a lot of groundwork for the series and Crown of Midnight raised a lot of questions and conflicting feelings. I am so excited to see where this series goes next! It is going epic places!!!


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8 thoughts on “Celorian VS Chaolaena: Book Discussion”

  1. This was a really interesting and unique discussion to read! Yes, yes, YES to everything you said! I find that although Chaol is sweet and cute and loves Celaena…he’s a bit boring. I mean, I’d be fine if Celaena ended up with him, but I feel like he has no personality. On the other hand, Dorian…Well I just loved Dorian from the first book so CELORIAN FOREVER!

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