Review Policy

My Review Policy:

I accept physical copies of ARCs and finished copies of books, as well as books accessible on iBooks from authors or publishers for review. I am usually partial towards Young Adult books, but I enjoy various genres. My favorites, however, are fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary, dystopian, fairy-tale retelling, and science fiction. If the book you would like me to review does not fit in one of these categories, please contact me. I am usually open to trying new things, especially if the book’s premise intrigues me.

My e-mail address is Please feel free to to contact me with any questions you may have.

I have the right to refuse a book for review if I feel uncomfortable with it’s content. I will only accept books that I know I will read.

I have an Instagram account (@booksbybritt) that is dedicated to books and has been established for almost a year longer than my blog. I tend to notify my followers of new posts and reviews, so many of them view my reviews although they do not follow this blog. I am also willing to promote the books I review on my bookstagram account by posting pictures of them in order to raise awareness. If this is something you are particularly interested in, feel free to e-mail me or Direct Message me on Instagram.

My Review Process:

I usually give myself at least a month to read and review a book, especially during the school year. If the book or author requires a specific deadline, I am willing to be flexible. I post my reviews on this blog as well as my Goodreads. My reviews are always very honest, but I focus on things that I enjoy about the book as well as things I do not. Each review typically contains the book’s title, author, genre, page count, personal age rating, overall rating based on a five star scale, synopsis, memorable quote from the book, my personal summary/synopsis of the book (usually focusing on the book’s positive aspects), and a discussion regarding my likes & dislikes of the book. If the review contains spoilers, I always warn the reader ahead of time, but I rarely post spoilers in reviews for authors and publishers.

My Rating System:

I rate on a five star scale, but will often give books .25, .5 & .75 stars in addition if I feel that a specific amount of stars does not adequately rate the book.

5 stars: Reserved for books that I love and personal favorites.

4 stars: Truly enjoyed the book, although there were a few minor details that prevented me from loving it.

3 stars: The book was average. I did not hate reading it, but there were some things that bothered me about it. I also give three stars to books in which I enjoy the story line, but not the writing, and vice versa.

2 stars: I did not enjoy this book, and there are various flaws within the book.

1 star: I rarely give books one star. Reserved for books that I strongly dislike, do not agree with, or books in which the content makes me feel uncomfortable.

I usually find myself giving books ratings between 3.5-4.5 stars.

Please feel free to direct any other questions to my e-mail below. Thank you for your time!


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